Animated GIF


During my digital style and design class, I was tasked with creating an animated GIF. I chose to create a GIF that showcased something I was passionate about - sharing knowledge to the next generation while trying to not make them hate me.

My athletic career consisted of 13 years on the softball field, and I was a catcher for all of those. I was blessed to have had great coaches who invested in me athletically and personally. During high school, my coach introduced the drill featured in my GIF during practice. This drill focuses on perfecting bunt retrieval and release while building stamina. My coach uses this particular drill during tryouts to determine what catchers have the mindset needed to play for him - which is one that consists of determination and will.

During the high school’s tryouts last August, I volunteered to help conduct them. After he had the participating catchers complete this drill, he voluntold me to put on my gear and show them how it’s done, announcing that I was the “greatest of all time" at it. So, I slapped on my gear, got in position, and put on a show. Turns out, I still got it!

So now, for the same reasons as my coach, I incorporate this drill during catching lessons that I give to young players.

*This animated GIF was created using Adobe Photoshop and all video content is original.