During my digital style and design class, I was tasked with creating a brochure. There were no guidelines for this project. I knew instantly what I wanted to do. I chose to redesign and update the current brochure (with permission) for George Family Farm, my in-law’s livestock and produce farm in Eclectic, AL.

When brainstorming ideas for the brochure I knew that I wanted it to highlight the farm’s and the family’s history and values, serve as a product catalog, and provide detailed contact information. I chose to keep the style of the brochure simple and to the point – what I believe to be a reflection of my father-in-law, the backbone behind the farm. I chose to incorporate my own photography and edited it to give the brochure an antique feel, as the farm has been around for over 50 years and believes in the passing of business to the next generation. I chose a muted red and green color scheme to represent the two sections of agriculture that the farm is involved in – red to symbolize livestock and meat production, and green to symbolize the produce production.

In addition to the brochure, I redesigned their logo, pictured on the front page. I used the same style guides for the logo as the brochure.

*This brochure was created using Adobe InDesign and all written content is original.

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