Case Study


During my case study course, my group and I were tasked with conducting a semester long case study. I was assigned to a group of four members and we chose to study the Tostito’s Party Safe Campaign.

This campaign launched during the 2017 Super Bowl when Tostito’s aired a Super Bowl commercial. The commercial featured famous and every day spokespeople telling stories about how alcohol related incidents, particularly drunk driving, have affected their lives while promoting a ‘Party Safe’ Tostito’s chip bag that could detect whether one has been consuming alcohol or not.

We chose to do this case study due to the heavy presence of football in the southeastern region and at Auburn University. Additionally, we chose this case study because drunk driving is a major cause of death every day in the United States and has an increase presence during events – especially sporting events.

Overall, we found this campaign to be successfully planned and constructed through multiple strategies and tactics and was well retained by its publics.

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