During my digital style and design class, I was tasked with creating an infographic. There were no guidelines for this project. I wanted my infographic to inform others about an issue I felt strongly about. So, I chose to highlight Hiring Our Heroes' Military Spouses in the Workplace survey.

HOH performed this survey in June 2017 in hopes of better understanding the challenges military spouses face in the job force. This survey consisted of 1,273 participants who are spouses of active duty military service members and recent veterans (Hiring Our Heroes).

As a military spouse who is finding it difficult to land a job within my profession, I decided to choose statistics from the survey that I felt were most relevant to my experience, and to my fellow spouses’ experience, in relation to our spouse’s current duty stations.

I chose a muted red, white and blue color scheme to represent the connection of military spouses to a well-known symbol around the military, the American flag. I chose to incorporate a muted pink background because of those surveyed, 92 percent of spouses were female, and it is the color the female gender is associated with.

*This infographic was created using Canva and all statistics were provided by Hiring Our Heroes.

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