During my digital style and design class, I was tasked with creating a magazine. The only guidelines for this project were to create a 16-page magazine that included an about the author section, a table of contents and six stories. Everything else was up to our creativity. Before creating my magazine, I brainstormed multiple ideas. I wanted to highlight something that was close to me while using stories that I have written (for the most part). And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I came up with Pastime.

When I think about my childhood, my best memories are of Auburn. Particularly football season. Some of these memories include: sitting on my dad’s shoulders, one finger in the air, praying we’d find me a football ticket before kickoff; boarding my first flight to meet my dad in Dallas, Texas the year Auburn played Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl; and conspiring with other family members about how we were going to rub that year’s Iron Bowl results in my cousin’s face at Christmas dinner.

Auburn has been a huge part of my pastime, just as it has to my family and others like us. Throughout this magazine, I wanted to focus on its rich history, long line of traditions and the memories it allows the Auburn family to make. As you read, you can find articles written by my fellow students and I about those three things. In addition, you can find features on two Auburn Tigers who have made their mark on the Auburn family and continue to do so.

*This magazine was created using Adobe InDesign and all authors and photographers are credited in the story’s bylines.

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