Survey Research


During my survey research course, my group and I were tasked with conducting a semester long research report. I was assigned to a group of four members based on our mutual interests of public relations in the world of sports and entertainment.

At the time, multiple crises had originated within multiple university sports teams, and the reputation of these teams and the athletic department was at stake. Due to the timing of these crises, my group and I decided to research how these events were affecting students’ perceptions of the teams and the athletic department.

We conducted a student survey and two focus groups during our research. As a result, in reference to the events, we discovered from our data that the image of the department was negatively affected. Many students felt that the athletic department, the individual programs, and former Athletic Director Jay Jacobs were at fault. But most felt that the individual programs were at fault.

In order to help the department and the individual programs, we suggested that they communicate their steps and efforts to address the events more effectively and adopt a two-way symmetrical communication style in hopes of repairing their reputations.

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